World Wildlife Day 2024

Posted 3rd March 2024

World Wildlife Day 2024

We recently saw World Wildlife Day celebrated, a day to recognise how people impact the planet and the effects of our choices we make. Here at Jenton, we aim to do our bit to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. We offer the following packaging options to help you to reduce plastic packaging:

Banding is an ideal solution for labelling, transit security, creating multipacks and easier box pack and shelf loading. We have a wide range of banding machines including our own ‘Jenton BANDIT®’ heat sealing machines with table top or free standing configuration. We also offer heat and ultrasonic banding machines from ProjectSP in Germany, who offer adhesive-free banding alternatives to plastic packaging. View our banding range here

Eco-Friendly Packaging - if you’re looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution look no further than ‘Earthpouch’ by manufacturer Sirane Ltd. The award-winning Earthpouch is sustainable, as it is manufactured from a renewable material source. The pouch is recyclable as part of the paper stream, and is suitable for repulping. View Eco-Friendly Packaging here

Lets use less single use plastics! - We offer a full range of kraft heat seal recyclable salad, pasta and wrap boxes. All packs can be sealed on Soken’s heat sealers, with quick change tooling, one sealer can seal the full range. View our Heat Sealing range here

Show your customers you care with less packaging.


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