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During the last 50 years The Jenton Group has become the go-to place for customers who want innovative and bespoke equipment that improves their production efficiency and process. We employ clever people who enjoy solving problems and creating innovative solutions using their design and control skills. Then, we do our best to share these innovations with the food, packaging, medical, industrial, print and retail markets in the UK.

Jenton products are not desirable in the way that a Ferrari may be. We know that business investment is made for a reason – to solve a problem or make a process more efficient. We design, develop, deliver and support advanced and innovative equipment that customers are pleased they bought.

Packaging and Banding

Jenton have specialised in packaging and converting equipment using plastic films since 1973. Our expertise is based around bag and pouch making and sealing, film and paper banding, and tray and package heat sealing. Jenton distributes some of the best heat seal packaging machines available from around the world – and we also design and make our own here in the UK!

We are increasingly involved in new plastic-free packaging materials. Jenton International is one of the original founding members of the PPMA (The Processing and Packaging Machinery Association) and we actively partner with other member companies to provide complete lines and solutions.

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Packaging and Banding Machines Jenton Group

Packaging & Processing Automation

Jenton Ariana specialises in the design and manufacture of ‘clever conveyors’ or sophisticated control-led pieces of automation equipment for high speed food and assembly lines. Ariana products include convergers (sometimes called in-liners or singleizers), a wide range of product stackers (sometimes combined with labellers), pad placing machines, divergers, seal testers and increasingly whole conveyor line control systems. Ariana OEM convergers can be found all around the world with other companies’ names on and we love working on developing OEM solutions for companies whose main ‘hero’ products take priority within their own design facilities

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Jenton Ariana Automation

UVA (UV Curing)

Jenton’s UV Curing experience has been built up since 1980 and is centred around UV industrial curing applications. UV light can be used to ‘instantly’ turn liquid plastics into solid ones, examples being adhesives, inks and coatings. The applications for these are as diverse as medical device assembly, the manufacture of optical fibres, the ‘drying’ of UV inks for cable marking, container decoration and curing scratch resistant coatings on external automotive applications.

The skill in UV curing is matching the right UV source to the right UV adhesive or material using the best and appropriate UV transmissive or reflective optics. Jenton UV knows an awful lot about getting this right. We have many sources to choose from, some we distribute and some we make. We design and make custom optics, ovens and conveyors and we offer UV measurement for process control.

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jenton benchtop banding machine

UVC (UV Disinfection)

UVC light breaks down DNA and RNA in cells causing them damage and when that is severe enough, preventing them from reproducing and rendering them inert. This is the basis of UV disinfection as RNA in viruses and DNA in bacteria and moulds is easily broken down under the typical intensities of UVC low pressure UV lamps.

Jenton subsidiary JenAct has specialised in UVC disinfection since the 1990s and has numerous granted UV patents and proven solutions for disinfection of surfaces, such as contact lenses, bottle interiors and packaging as well as many bespoke products for air disinfection including products for HVAC coils, food production facilities, schools, surgeries and offices.

JenAct’s expertise is based on basing a UVC proposal based on the nature of the situation and the pathogens that are of concern (different pathogens require different intensities and doses of UVC). We have developed our own modelling software to predict performance (which is used around the world) and have a number of predesigned duct units, ovens and UV disinfection conveyor systems for many applications.

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JenAct - Experts in UV Disinfection Products

Tray and Sandwich Pack Sealers

Soken Engineering Limited was purchased by The Jenton Group in 2022, with production being moved to Whitchurch. The growing ready-to-go, lunch centric and smaller retail markets generated the need for Soken’s range of machines which are now well established in sandwich, wrap and salad packaging applications. Users include smaller van based sandwich and meal providers, hospital, school and prison caterers and Soken machines can be found all around the world in airline meal providers.

Machines range from single pack bench top units – ideal for restaurants sending meals out to mid range drawer units packing between two and six packs at a time, ideal for caterers to the more volume orientated conveyor based machines. All sizes can be manufactured to accept film for lids or to heat and press pre-coated card packs for sandwiches and wraps.

Tray and pack tooling is all manufactured in UK at Soken’s factory in Whitchurch, Hampshire and all sizes and shapes can be catered for. Tooling is very easy to change to allow maximum versatility.

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Soken Engineering Heat-Seal Packaging Systems

Label and Data Verification

Jenton Dimaco products detect and check print and data on-line and prevent mis-labelling or the use of the wrong packaging materials. Jenton Dimaco are world leaders in label verification systems. Specialising in the food processing industry, Jenton Dimaco incorporate proprietary in-house OCR and verification software and design and manufacture Veri-PACK systems for verifying artwork, fixed data and variable data at high speed and in difficult environments.

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Dimaco Label and Data Verification

Viscosity Control

Jenton are proud to have been distributors for Opti-Color™ viscosity control systems since the 1970s. Viscosity control of inks, coatings and other liquids will optimise the use of expensive pigments relative to diluents but, most importantly, will ensure consistency of product appearance and performance. Opti-Color’s main products feature Viscosity Measurement and Control units, Conditioning (heating, cooling) and circulation systems that range from manual Viscosity Test Cups relative to size, design and speed, to automatic Viscosity Control and measurement systems. These include rotational or Falling Ball Sensors, OBD Sensors and Viscosity Software.

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Viscosity Control

Our History

For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions. The company was originally established in 1968 and specialised in marketing and selling German, Dutch and American packaging and converting equipment in the UK. Since then, our business has both expanded and diversified...

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Awards & Accreditations

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Our innovative and sophisticated customer solutions have won us several awards including the PPMA Award for Innovation, joint awards for our work with Marine Products Scotland and Starflex Limited, plus SMART funded awards. In 2021 we won an SBRI award with De Montfort University.

The Engineer Collaborate to Innovate Awards: 2020 Winner

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World Wildlife Day 2024

Are you committed to reducing the impact of plastic pollution on the environment

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World Wildlife Day 2024

Christmas Office Hours

The Jenton team will be taking a well deserved break over the Christmas holidays

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Christmas Office Hours

Introducing Soken Engineering's tortilla tooling tray for efficient heat sealing

Soken Engineering, part of the Jenton Group, have announced their NEW tortilla tooling tray, compatible with the Soken HS36ACF Heat Sealing machine.

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Introducing Soken Engineering's tortilla tooling tray for efficient heat sealing