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Capability in Packaging, UV, Converting
Specialising in curing and drying equipment for the UV Curing industries, Banding Machines for packaging and branding, Packaging solutions for printing, graphics, food and non food industries, the supply and support of Food Automation Packaging, as well as uv drying and web cleaning equipment for the Converting industry : UK, Eire and France. Our UV Curing product range includes UV Radiometers, Modular UV Curing Lamps, UV Adhesives, UV LED products, Microwave UV Air and Surface Disinfection Devices, UV Air Purifiers as well as UV Spot Curing Systems. For Packaging, we offer a huge range of Banding machines for packaging and branding, Binding, Bundling and Tying Machines as well as Converging Equipment for the Food Automation Industry. For the Converting industry, Poly Bag Machines and Poly Bag Machine Attachments, Anilox Roller Cleaning, Ink Viscosity Controls, Contact Web Cleaners for narrow and wide web, Hole Punching and Sealing Equipment and products for Flexographic Printing, are only some of the solutions offered. We  also offer design and consultancy services in addition to machinery sales and have fully equipped service, workshop, laboratory and demonstration facilities.
Jenton International UK 9/10 Ardglen Industrial Estate, Evingar Road, Whitchurch, HAMPSHIRE  RG28 7BB  UNITED KINGDOM Tel:+44 (0)1256 892194            Fax:+44 (0)1256 896486               sales@jenton.co.uk
Jenton International is a part of the Jenton Group of companies specialising in the supply and support of technically innovative products for the Packaging, Banding, UV Curing, UV Disinfection, UV LED, Converting industries & Viscosity Control, as well as the food automation packaging industry with Jenton-Ariana & electronic sensing and control systems with C-Cubed Ltd
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